12/09/2022 / 07:44


Hanover is the city with the most green spaces in Germany and undoubtedly it deserves the title "The most beautiful city in the world" and is worth visiting by everyone. It's an important place of research and business, as well as a nationally important trading city. The cultural scene is diverse with numerous theaters, museums and international theater festivals, music and dance.

Hannover, located on the Leine River, is the largest city and the state capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. It is an important commercial center with a culture of rich in art and music. Germany's famous Oktoberfest event is held also in Hannover and it is one of the best times to visit this city.

Two specialties from the Hanover region are the Schlachteplatte, a plate with a variety of different meats and Calenberger Pfannenschlag (known also as Rinderwurst). Another specialty of salami known internationally is Braunscheiger.

Hanover has also gained a reputation as an important cultural center and it boasts world-class museums, galleries and theatres. Its extensive parks and gardens e make it an ideal destination to explore on foot.

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