Find out about the frequently asked questions at Eurokoha and Kosova Airlines.

Baggage Allowance

Airlines have differing policies on baggage. To learn more about the carry-on and checked baggage policies of your operating Airline, please contact our Customer Service Center.

When should I be at the airport?

All passengers should check in 2 hours prior to departure. Please note that you have to be in possession of your boarding pass at least 90 minutes before departure time!

Can I travel while pregnant?

If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, you can fly up to the 36th week of pregnancy. A medical certificate from your doctor is required after the 29th week of pregnancy.

How early do I make arrangements for special travel assistance?

We strongly recommend to make your request as soon as you book your ticket.

We will assist you to define your specific needs and go over procedures. Please contact our Customer Service Center at [email protected] or call us at:

+383 (0) 038 220 200
+49 (0)180 30 30 306 or
+41 (0)44 315 59 59

From which age can children travel unchaperoned?

Airlines have different regulations for children traveling without accompanying adult. Please contact our Costumer Service Center for more specific information at [email protected] or call us at:

+383 (0) 038 220 200
+49 (0)180 30 30 306 or
+41 (0)44 315 59 59

What form of payment do you accept at your office at the Airport?

We accept credit cards, contactless and cash payment.

Can I change the date of my flight?

Yes. You can change the flight date for a rebooking fee. Depending on your ticket, you might have to pay the difference in fare between the old ticket and the new ticket in addition to the rebooking fee.

Can I change the flight route?

Yes. The booked flight route can be changed for a rebooking fee.

Can I change the name on a flight ticket?

No. After the ticket is issued, you cannot change the passenger’s name.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Most of the tickets are non-refundable. However, depending on the booking class it is possible to refund an issued ticket for a handling fee.